Stick Pirates
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The Sword, Pirates main weapon for battle, and this is how you use it right. First, after you customize your pirate, you head into the far building on Rambleshack. There you recieve the Rusty Cutlass, a TERRIBLE weapon, but you gotta start somewhere. You come out kill a couple of skeletons, Captain Bo Beck gets owned, and thats Rambleshack for you. Now its on to the first sword quest. Finish that then move on to the begining of the Black Pearl Quest ( which I think is a pain in the butt.) Most players ( such as myself ) start out killing Cadets then Guards, both of which are found on Port Royal. Now you should have a level three to five sword. Now move on to the Mercaneries, Hired-Guns, and Grunts in Fort Charles. You will get owned in the begining, but just wait. By now you should have about a level 15 sword. Do the quest because the sword you get for reward is actually pretty good. So now you should have a decent blade. Now its time to take out the big guns and head for Padres Del Fuego. Most pirates are now thinking " Padres = Darkhart, Undead Timothy Dartan, and or Neban the Silent. " Well actually you are wrong. Fort Dundee is actually a great place for leveling a low to middle level sword. FInally, you got Blade Storm, and its time for the Big Bad Bosses to come into play. From General Darkhart ( or any of the other big bad bosses ) after a few, weeks youll master your sword:D Now you can run around like a knucklehead hitting trees, and you can use that Lost Sword of El Patron youve been waiting to get.
  • Level 1-5 = Cadets, Guards, Mutineers, etc.
  • Level 5-10 = Any living thing in Fort Charles.
  • Level 10-15 = Repeat, any living thing in Fort Charles.
  • Level 15-20= Move on to Fort Dundee or the Catacombs.
  • Level 20-25=General Darkhart
  • Level 25-30= General Darkhart and or Tormenta

Hope This Works for Ya,

Lawrence Hexpaine, Level 47, Guild = Driven by Fury, GM.

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