Stick Pirates
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Guide to the Gun

You begin your journey as a gunman when Hector Barbossa gives you a gun or a " Hand Cannon ". You will start with the weak gunshot of Lead Shot. Go outside and work on it level it up a couple of times with the scorpions and the crabs. Now you should be around level four to five level gun and about the same level notoriety. Now go to Kings Run, Port Royal and head to the far end wher you will find Undead Mutineers. Get it to about a Level Seven to a Level Eleven. Now go to either Isle Cangrejos or Cutthroat Isle and fight the Quarter Masters or the Conquistadors. Now you should be about a level 15 gun and you may be ready for General Darkhart. Fight him for a while till you get about level 25, now your ready to move on. Now I highly recommend El Patron's Mine. Theres a lot of ghosts and you might pick up a few famed along the way. Now to finish it off you have a choice: Darkhart, Raven's Cove, Isle Tormenta, Jacques Le Blanc, or Tomas Blanco. Way to go you've mastered your gun! ( See below for section two.)

Level 1-5: Beach of Devil's Anvil.

Level 5-10: King's Run, behind the Gravedigger Area.

Level 10-15: Cutthroat Isle and Isle Cangrejos.

Level 15-20: General Darkhart.

Level 20-25: El Patron's Mine.

Level 25-30: General Darkhart, Raven's Cove, Isle Tormenta, Jacques Le Blanc, or Tomas Blanco.

Any Questions? Find me and ask me!

Good Luck!-Lawrence Hexpain

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