Stick Pirates
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My quest for leveling up and mastering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defeat 100 Navy Soldier. 

Defeat any Navy Soldier using sword.

Defeat 100 Undead Skeletons using gun.

Defeat General Sandpine in Rats Nest on Tortuga 44 times using sword.

Defeat Darkhart 55 times using a healer, or on Abassa with lots of people.

Defeat 100 Navy Solders, 44 Undead Skeletons, General Sandspine 55 times, and Darkhart 55 times, untill you master sword.

Defeat 155 grabs on Isla Tormenta using gun.

Defeat General Sandspine 55 times.

Do this over and over until you master gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defeat 77 Navy Soldiers in Beckett's Quarry. 

Defeat where the Navy Dragoons are.

Defeat 35 Dregs outside of Isla Tormenta.

Defeat General Sandspine 33 times.

Do this over and over until you master doll.

Go into Isla Tormenta Cave and there should be a group or Spineskulls. Attack one at a time using throwing knives. (Defeat Darkhart in Abassa until you get to lvl 7 or 4 on Dagger)

Go to Isla Tormenta and defeat 2000 crabs.

Go inside the caves and defeat 6000 of Davy Jones' Men.

Do this up to you master Grenades so you can move on to Darkhart and lvl a bit there and inside El Patrons Mines. I'll show you a glitch there in one of my other guides!

Go to El Patrons Mines with a friend and wait untill there are four Ghosts are in a bouble then cast your staff and the skill should damage all four Ghosts then someone higher level should kill them out side the bouble.

When you are lvl 10 on Staff and just go to the Bridge Room. Cast your fire skull with Staff and kill all of the Kelpbrains. Do that untill you master Staff. My friend did it and he got to lvl 20 in one day!

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