Le Cerdo
A pirate and self-taught surgeon, Doctor Grogan took him on as a boarder. But the man can't pay his rent and he's eating Doc out of house and home! You must help Doc find some herbs for his medicine and maybe, he'll tell you how to woo Cerdo onto the Black Pearl. Or perhaps, the cagey ol' Doc will give you a potion that will knock Le Cerdo out long enough to Shanghai him into service. Either way, Captain Jack will get his surgeon.
— From Pirates Online

Le Cerdo can be found, reclining on his surgical table in the back of Doc Grog's office. Le Cerdo takes the place of Doc Grog on the Black Pearl as a doctor and a surgeon.

Game Note

Le Cerdo's name actually consists of two different languages:

  • Le - meaning 'the' in French
  • Cerdo - meaning 'pig' in Spanish

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