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Ahoy Mates!

This is Leon's Guide for New Players of POTCO!

Ranking up real fast is simple, even if you don't have a membership.

So here's my guide below and I hope you like it:

Chapter 1

Section 1

When you first start out in Pirates Online, both members and non-members are direction to Port Royal docks with a basic Rusty cutlass. Most don't know it's a powerful weapon for basic ranking.

Here are the 3 steps to get started:

  1. Spawn on docks.
  2. Walk over to the two guards in front of Fort Charles and kill them both.
  3. Move to the graveyard next to the jail and fight the undead.

Section 2

Okay mates! Think you can remember that part, eh? Doesn't matter. Now, we move on to the higher levels. We're about notoriety 3 but we're about level 5 sword.

Now the steps to move on from the graveyard are:

  1. Go through the cave.
  2. Obtain your compass from Tia Dalma inside the cave.
  3. Exit the cave.
  4. Go through that cave entrance again to start leveling on the enemies inside.

Section 3

Now that we're in the cave we can finally start getting to the Reputation honey hole.

Here are the next 3 steps to getting you level 7 before you even leave the Welcome Server!

  1. Walk through cave until you reach the circle room.
  2. Fight the enemies 1 by 1 until you feel comfortable enough to attack 2 at one time.
  3. Keep fighting in that room until you're a level 7 sword (since that's the non-member level cap) or if you're member, continue if pleased.

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