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Live Chat was a service offered by that allowed pirates to talk to Disney Services "live" about game issues, membership options, their website, parental controls, lost passwords, or things that will or might be happening in the future on Pirates Online. It was open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Tuesday thru Saturday. It was supported on Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, and Safari 3.0. You had to be logged in to use Live Chat.

Before logging in to Live Chat, take a moment to check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions .

Q: I'm experiencing a technical problem. Can Pirates Online Live Chat help with this? We'll be happy to assist you with technical problems in Live Chat. Before logging in with Live Chat, be sure to send a bug report. When you send a bug report, we'll be able to view information about your computer to help us troubleshoot the problem with you.

Q: Can you tell me when a new feature is going to be released in Pirates Online? Live Chat is designed for technical assistance and general advice for game-play only.

Q: My password isn't working or I've forgotten it. How can I retrieve my password? You can retrieve your password by clicking here. If you're still experiencing issues with logging in, we'd be happy to assist you in Live Chat as well.

Q: If I have a billing or payment question, should I use Live Chat? Billing and/or payment changes can be handled through the Account Services option in the menu on the left. Open Account Services > Manage Account > Log in with the Account in question then select Manage Membership. Additional Customer Support information can be found here as well.


  • As of April of 2012, Live Chat is no longer available.

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