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Pirates from all walks of life took part in the Live the Pirates Life Anniversary Contest. Pirates filmed amazing videos of how they lived and breathed Pirates Online. We're proud to announce the winners below:

The grand prize winner of this contest recieved a trip to disneyland, was given a mac book and was able to meet the creators of POTCO.


Grand Prize Winner Scrap Clippercraft


1st Place Grace Goldeagle

1st 2

1st Place Henry Wildhawk

1st 3

1st Place LaDonna Sunhogge

1st 4

1st Place Rachel Treasureskull

1st 5

1st Place Sandy Seashore


2nd Place Buccanneer Jimbodiny

2nd 2

2nd Place Jack Stormhawk

2nd 3

2nd Place Nicholas

2nd 4

2nd Place Peety

2nd 5

2nd Place Scurvy Amelia

2nd 6

2nd Place The Plaguer

2nd 7

2nd Place Robert Shipsilver

2nd 8

2nd Place Chessie Black

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