Poc title hints

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, The Developers added In-Game tips to help the player. The hints appear on the loading screens that appear when a player would teleport to a Island, enter a building, etc...

The following is a list of all the known hints that was, or currently is, in the game:


  • A Cutlass Combo deals much more damage than just button-mashing!
  • A Privateer ship receives a health boost for sinking enemy ships; a good pirate steals everything, including spare parts.
  • A ship cannot be reduced to zero Sail Points without destroying all the Masts!
  • An enemy with a Skull Icon over its head is a boss!
  • An Interceptor is best for the outskirts of a battle, and should stay away from War Frigates.
  • As you Level-up your Cutlass, unlock new Combo Skills for a longer Combo Chain!
  • As you Level-up your Pistol, unlock Take-Aim to pick-off enemies from long range!
  • Attacking an enemy in the back with a Dagger Combo will deal extra damage!
  • Avoid fighting until you are fully healed.


  • Be careful not to take too much damage on the same section of your hull!
  • Be careful when doing repairs, leaving the wheel allows enemy ships to sneak up on you!
  • Blacksmiths sell stronger Cutlasses and Daggers!
  • Break all the Masts on an enemy ship to stop it from moving!


  • Cannonballs that hit the Rear of a Ship gain a damage bonus!
  • Choose team ships carefully. Some are faster, some are stronger, and each has a vital role in battle.
  • Click on other players to Crew up! Make sure you put away your weapon first!
  • Clicking the Middle Mouse Button also draws your current Weapon!
  • Complete the Teleport Quests as soon as possible. It will make other quests easier to complete.
  • Complete your Weapon Quest to unlock the Voodoo Doll weapon!
  • Completing Story Quests rewards the most Notoriety!
  • Concentrate your cannon fire on the same section of a ship's Hull until it breaks!
  • Crabs have been known to infest Driftwood island.
  • Crew Members on a Ship should grab a cannon and fire!


  • Defeat skeletons to find rare Treasure Collection valuables.
  • Different cannonballs are effective against different parts of a ship!
  • Don't attack enemies who are much higher level than you!
  • Don't feed the Alligators!
  • Don't pet the Scorpions!
  • Don't sail alone! Other crewmates can fire cannons while you are steering!
  • Don't throw Grenades at your own feet!
  • Don't wear more than one eye-patch when playing this game!


  • Enemies who are lower level than you award less Reputation and Gold!
  • Enemies with Green Level tags will be easy to defeat! They give reduced Reputation!
  • Enemies with Grey Level tags are push-overs! They give very little Reputation rewards!
  • Enemies with Red Level tags are very dangerous enemies!
  • Enemies with Yellow Level tags are a good match for you!
  • Expensive ships cost more to repair!


  • Find a Crew to help man your ship before going sailing!
  • Flagship boarding rights are given to the crew who dealt the most damage to it!
  • Flagships give more cargo than regular ships!


  • Gaining a Cutlass Level gives you more Health!
  • Gaining a Dagger Level gives you some Health and Voodoo Power!
  • Gaining a Grenade Level gives you more Health!
  • Gaining a Pistol Level gives you some Health and Voodoo Power!
  • Gaining a Voodoo Doll Level gives you more Voodoo Power!
  • Gaining a Voodoo Staff Level gives you more Voodoo Power!
  • Get a crew together before boarding a Flagship!
  • Get a crew together! Unmanned cannons stack the odds against you.
  • Going to jail makes you groggy. While groggy, your Health and Voodoo Power will be temporarily reduced.
  • Grenades can be used to defeat large groups of enemies!
  • Gunsmiths sell stronger Pistols!
  • Gypsies sell stronger Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Staves!


  • High level enemies can be found on Isla Tormenta.
  • High level enemies can be found on Kingshead.
  • High level enemies can be found on Padres Del Fuego.
  • Higher level ships carry better Cargo.


  • If a friend is in need, teleport to them using the Friends Page (F)!
  • If a player exits the game and his ship has a Crew, the ship stays in use until the voyage ends!
  • If one side of a ship's hull is broken, the ship will take extra damage on that side!
  • If one side of your ship's hull is broken, avoid taking more fire on that side!
  • If the game is running slowly, you can lower your graphics settings by pressing F7!
  • If you are alone, don't fight too many enemies at once!
  • If you are not in battle, your Health will regenerate slowly.
  • If you get lost, teleport back to your Port of Call using the Map Page (M)!
  • If you have been playing for more than 2 hours straight, you should take a break!
  • If you shoot the same part of a ship, the panel will break, catch fire, and give a damage bonus!
  • If you type a '.' in the chat window before typing, the message will appear as a thought bubble and will stay longer.
  • If you want to check your score, press the ~ button.
  • If your ship sinks at sea, all your cargo is lost!
  • If your team can't launch more ships, teleport to a friend's ship to balance the odds.
  • If you're not sure where to go for a Quest, search the skies for the Ray of Light.


  • Level-up your Cannon Skill to unlock new Cannon Ammo types!
  • Level-up your Sailing Skill to unlock new Ship Maneuvers and Battle Orders!
  • Look for a Ray of Light if you get lost.
  • Looking for a crew for your ship? Set the Boarding Access for your ship to Public!
  • Looking for a Privateer crew? Find one using the Lookout button or through the Crew section on your Hearties panel!
  • Looking to join a ship's crew? Use a Dinghy and search for Public Ships!
  • Looking to recruit pirates for your Privateer crew? Look for crewmates using the Lookout button or through the Crew section on your Hearties panel!


  • Make every cannonball count! Targeting broken panels or an enemy ship's rear earns a bonus.
  • Maneuver your ship so that your broadside cannons line up with the enemy before firing!
  • Members of a Crew gain a Reputation Bonus for every enemy defeated. Larger crews provide larger bonuses!


  • Play Poker to quickly earn Gold. But don't lose!
  • Players cannot hurt each other except in PvP Matches!
  • Plunder ships for Cargo in order to quickly get Gold!
  • Press F1 to draw your Cutlass!
  • Press F2 to draw your Pistol!
  • Press R to enable Auto-run!
  • Press the Space Bar to jump.
  • Privateer teams are automatically balanced. If the team you are trying to join is full, join the other!
  • Purchase the weaker healing Tonics until you are Level 10 or higher.


  • Repair a sunken ship at the Shipwright!
  • Repair your vessel! Each repair spot on a ship can be manned by a different crew member to speed up repairs.
  • Retraining a weapon refunds all your spent skill points.
  • Rule #1 of the pirate code: Befriend others wisely!


  • Sail near an Island and click on the Anchor Button to dock!
  • Sailing in a straight line allows your ship to move faster!
  • Shield the smaller, weaker ships on the team if your ship can withstand a pounding.
  • Ships cost more to repair after they are sunk!
  • Ships with a Flag Icon above them are Flagships. They need to be crippled and then boarded!
  • Shooting a ship's sails will not sink it, but can slow it down!
  • Sink ships with Broadsides to gain Sailing Reputation!
  • Sink ships with Cannons to become a better Cannoneer!
  • Spend skill upgrades wisely. It will cost gold to change your choices later!
  • Spending a Skill Point on an attack skill increases any Buff duration by 25%!
  • Spending a Skill Point on an attack skill increases its damage 25%!
  • Stay away from Fort Charles unless you are looking for trouble with the Navy!
  • Stay clear of the enemy's island! Ships launching from there are temporarily invincible.
  • Stockpile cannonballs before sailing because it's a long way back to restock!
  • Suits don't matter in Blackjack. All that matters is the total number value of the cards.
  • Switch Weapons using the F1 to F6 Keys!


  • Team up with other players against tough enemies!
  • The Captain of a ship receives a larger share of loot if he has a Crew onboard!
  • The Cutlass Sweep skill will hit all surrounding enemies!
  • The Dagger's Asp skill can be used to break an enemy's Voodoo Doll Attunement!
  • The health bonus that a Privateer ship receives for sinking an enemy ship depends on the amount of damage it did.
  • The pirate steering the ship gains more Sailing Reputation if the ship has a Crew!
  • The Ravens's Cove Story Quest Unlocks at Level 30.
  • The Voodoo Doll will lose Attunement if you get too far away from your target!
  • They are tough, so don't fight them alone!
  • They give standard Reputation rewards!
  • They still give standard Reputation rewards, though.
  • To fire a Ship's Broadsides, grab the Steering Wheel!
  • To navigate the map on the Map Page (M), click and drag it with the Left Mouse Button.
  • To sink a ship, aim for the Hull!
  • To steer a Ship, grab the Steering Wheel!


  • Unlimited Access only! Command dark powers using the Voodoo Staff!
  • Unlimited Access only! Fight enemies up close or from afar with the Dagger!
  • Unlimited Access only! Voodoo Dolls cast powerful Hexes to hurt enemies and heal allies!
  • Unlimited Access only! With Unlimited Access, you can create up to 4 Pirate Characters!
  • Upgrade the Attune Doll skill to be able to Attune the Voodoo Doll to multiple targets!
  • Use the Boarding Access button on your Ship's Health Display to control who can board your ship!
  • Use the Journal (J) to find your next quest objective.
  • Use the Left Mouse Button or the CTRL Button to attack.
  • Use the Map Page (M) to change Servers!
  • Use the Right Mouse Button to move the Camera.


  • Visit a Trainer at the local blacksmith to retrain your weapons.
  • Voodoo Doll healers gain healing Reputation when their ally defeats their foe!


  • Watch your Cutlass attack timing to form Combos!
  • When sailing, use the Middle Mouse Wheel to move the Camera in and out!
  • When you are low on health, Hit T to use a Tonic!
  • While sailing, hold down the Right Mouse Button to move the Camera.
  • While using Auto-run (R), you can run and chat at the same time!
  • With Basic Member Access, a Skill cannot be upgraded past Rank 2!
  • With Basic Member Access, you cannot play in Fullscreen mode!
  • With Basic Member Access, you earn 30% less Reputation when defeating enemies!
  • With Unlimited Access, you can play Tortuga Hold'em!
  • With Unlimited Access, you can purchase all 9 Ship types!
  • With Unlimited Access, you can purchase stronger weapons like the Double-Barreled Pistol!
  • With Unlimited Access, you can start your own Guild!
  • With Unlimited Access, you can unlock new ammo types, such as flaming cannonballs!
  • With Unlimited Access, you can use all 6 Weapons!


  • You can aim your attacks by holding down the Right Mouse Button!
  • You can also use the Mouse Wheel to Switch Weapons!
  • You can board a Crew Member's ship from the Dinghy!
  • You can buy health Tonics from the Gypsy!
  • You can buy new weapons and ammunition from Stores!
  • You can open an expanded map of the area you're in by pressing F8 or the map button on your compass.
  • You can play Poker or Blackjack at any Tavern. To find one, look for the sign with a Mug on it!
  • You can purchase Cannon and Pistol Ammo from the Gunsmith!
  • You can purchase Grenade Ammunition from the Gunsmith!
  • You can purchase Throwing Knives from the Blacksmith!
  • You can Unattune a target with the Voodoo Doll by clicking on the Unattune Menu on the right!
  • You can use the Number Keys to activate your Combat Skills or Switch Ammo!
  • You can use the WASD Keys to move.
  • You're vulnerable to attack while you dig for buried treasure, so stay alert.

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