"Loot Pouch" redirects here. For the ammunition bag, see: Pouch.
Trans loot pouch

After defeating an enemy or sinking a ship, a Loot Pouch may be found. It will contain from 1-4 items. The Loot inside can vary from gold, ammo, cards, clothes, or weapons.

To pick up the loot pouch, simply approach it and press the Shift key. A contents window will appear. The pirate can pick and choose what they want or select "Take It All'.

If a pirate has found an item and has no room to store it, they will be unable to take that item.

Generally, only Crude to Rare weapons are found in loot pouches, but in the rarest cases, Famed, or possibly even Legendary may be found.

Game Note: Loot pouches will always have a loot rating of 1.



This is the sound played when a Loot Pouch is dropped:

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