Loretta Jenkins
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Loretta Jenkins was a citizen of Raven's Cove. Her fiance, Robert Bistol, was a sailing man and due to return any day for their impending marriage. All of the arrangements had been made and they were to be wed in the garden of her father's house.

However, it was not meant to be. Loretta was apparently killed during Jolly Roger's assault on Raven's Cove. She has become a restless spirit wandering the islands trying to return to her home and greet the man she loves upon his return. Her cause of death is a mystery since Loretta is unaware that she has passed or is in angry denial. Witnesses to her spirit say she lashes out at those who try and convince her otherwise.

But, recently a few brave souls contacted her spirit and escorted her aboard their ship to take her back. On the shores of the island, Loretta was confronted with the broken wreckage of Robert's ship. Sobbing, but undaunted, she wailed that he surely must have survived the sinking and would still return. She vowed to find him.

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