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Potco logo scroll skull hor Pirates of the Caribbean Online is now closed.
This page will now serve as an archive for the content that was in POTCO, and a record of what is/will be in TLOPO.

Gypsy picon

Tia Dalma is not the only voodoo gypsy on the island of Cuba. But, Macomo seems content to stand in front of the local tailor shop and ply his wares. He is the only known male gypsy in the game.


Tonic Name Description Health Voodoo Cost
Pwater Health Tonic Eases pain, smells kinda strong too. 200-341 50 3
Pwater Remedy An exotic remedy said to cure all maladies 350-461 100 7
Hwater Holy Water Water blessed by the angels and gods. 650-861 250 15
Ewater Elixir The one and only legendary Elixir of Life. 1000-1821 375 30
Mwater Miracle Water Said to cure all sicknesses & regrow hair! 1500-2021 500 40


Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Req Cost
Voodoo Cutlass 20 Healing Boost 1 Sword 5 480g

Voodoo Dolls

Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Req Cost
Fury Doll 13 Red Fury 1 Doll 7 1,920g
Rage Doll 19 Red Fury 1 Doll 12 2,740g
Grudger Doll 25 Red Fury 1 Doll 17 3,700g
Vengeful Doll 32 Red Fury 1 Doll 22 5,000g
Wrath Doll 38 Red Fury 1 Doll 27 6,270g
Healing Doll 8 Spirit Mend 1 Doll 5 970g
Mending Doll 14 Spirit Mend 1 Doll 10 1,730g
Restoration Doll 19 Spirit Mend 1 Doll 15 2,520g
Renewal Doll 25 Spirit Mend 1 Doll 20 3,680g
Life Doll 31 Spirit Mend 1 Doll 25 5,040g
Cotton Doll 6 Hex Guard 1 Doll 3 650g
Ornate Doll 12 Hex Guard 1 Doll 8 1,150g
Enchanted Doll 18 Hex Guard 1 Doll 13 1,800g
Magic Doll 24 Hex Guard 1 Doll 18 2,590g
Mysterious Doll 29 Hex Guard 1 Doll 23 3,360g

Voodoo Staffs

Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Req Cost
Skeletal Staff 16 Dark Aura 1 Staff 15 11,250g
Undead Staff 22 Dark Aura 1 Staff 20 16,200g
Death Staff 28 Dark Aura 1 Staff 25 22,050g
Restoration Staff 15 Nature Aura 1 Staff 16 12,620g
Renewal Staff 21 Nature Aura 1 Staff 21 18,380g
Life Staff 28 Nature Aura 1 Staff 26 26,460g
Overseer Staff 16 Warding Aura 1 Staff 17 15,750g
Guardian Staff 23 Warding Aura 1 Staff 22 23,960g
Tribal Chief Staff 29 Warding Aura 1 Staff 27 32,360g

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