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Marceline Guild, at Your Service! was a Game Master hosted event by the Marceline guild members Xavier Hench, Catherine Harcourt, Thatch Roberts, Bonnie O Bailey, and Phillipe Gaston to showcase the Scoundrel of the Seas update which was released several weeks earlier. The event took place July 29 - July 31, 2011. During the event the Game Masters would randomly board a ship with public boarding permissions and help out with cannoneering, sailing or repairing the ship.

Game Note:

  • During this event, when asked about the next update, Thatch Roberts would say: "Ship of the line is a Navy Ship! I'd rather have a strong new Pirate ship of our own, wouldn't you?" Hinting at the now released Brig.

Below is a video of the event:

POTCO GM Event Marceline Guild, at your service!07:05

POTCO GM Event Marceline Guild, at your service!

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