Definition (Noun)

At Level 50 Notoriety, a pirate becomes a Pirate Master - meaning they are as notorious as possible. Though some do not consider a pirate a Master Pirate until all of their Skills are maximized as well. Many of these are seen as role models.

  • Once you are Level 50, you no longer receive the groggy status after being knocked out.
  • A master pirate no longer earns Notoriety points, but any skill points will still amass until that skill is mastered.

If a pirate is a master with their cutlass, sailing or other weapons, they have reached Level 30 of that weapon and "mastered' it.

Definition (Verb)

The acting of 'mastering' or reaching 'master' level Pirate at level 50 notoriety or level 30 on all skills.

Game Notes

  • The "master" level for notoriety used to be 30, then increased to 40, and then 50. And for weapons it used to be 25.
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