Materials Pouch

There are currently six materials available for use in Ship Customization. You can view these materials in your "Materials Pouch" tab in the Inventory section of your Sea Chest.

These materials can be found by defeating Bounty Hunters, Warships, and on occasion, War, regular, and very rarely, even light Class ships. The most common materials; iron, canvas, and pine, can be found by sinking Bounty Hunters. Rare materials; oak, silk, and steel are most often found in the loot from Warships, and other ships, but strangely not ever from regular bounty hunters. As for grog, it has not been released to the game yet.

Icon Description Info Card
A rough sail material, good for catching swift winds Canvas
A finer, lightweight sail material allowing for even greater speed at sea Silk1
A trusty, basic armor material to protect yer hull Iron
A refined, heavier armor material to repel deadly cannon blasts Steel
A light wood for quick expansion of deck and hold Pine
A heartier wood allowing for even greater cargo hold dimensions Oak
Grog Scrapped From Game Grog1
Silver Scrapped From Game SilverCard


Game Note

Grog's game card was changed after a maintenance occurred. Developers confirmed it would be coming to the Test Server along with Rank V and VI Hulls, in March 2012. When the new hulls were released, Grog was not. It is assumed that Grog was canceled from development.

Grog 2

On the Horizon

As part of the Friday the 13th update in The Legend of Pirates Online, savvy pirates noticed three new materials in their Materials Pouch. What bone chilling update lies just beyond the horizon, and could it relate to the recently discovered blocked exit found in King's Run?

Small Bone Large Bone Haunted Bone
Small Bone Material
Large Bone Material
Haunted Bone Material

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