Stick Pirates
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Hello, this is my first guide on anything really, and this one is going to be about plundering tips and strategies!

A pirate's favorite thing - GOLD and the easiest (and the most fun) way to get it is PLUNDERING!

When you get onto the seas, and you have no crew yet, do NOT get hard ships like Dreadnoughts, because they fire very strong explosives. To get a crew, my opinion is to allow all except public until you just get DESPER
Ship pvp2
ATE! Then it would be best for you to turn on public. While you are waiting for a crew, I suggest taking on easy ships. But not too easy! Like I said, you want lots of gold. Try to get your best gunners on one side. If you don't put all the ships that you are attacking on one side, either the gunners are going to be doing more running to the other side of the ship than gunning or you will be double-teamed. You don't want that do ye? When you get to a ship, you should either keep some distance from it and attack it from afar with it's front facing you, so they cant attack you. Or if you don't have a crew, go to the back of it and shoot it with your broadsides. When you get to Rank One Scoundrel of the Seas, you should attack relatively high ships. When you get to Rank Two Scoundrel of the Seas, you should go for high ships like Dreadnoughts to get good loot. At Scoundrel of the Seas Rank Three, you should avoid all of the ships except bounty hunters because then you will get double-teamed. When you get to a Bounty Hunter, you should run and get some distance. Then turn your ship's side to the Hunter and let the crew fire at 'em! At Scoundrel of the Seas rank four, and you don't want to get double-teamed. Ye should best be making yer crew shoot down the Bounty Hunter's sails. Then, the chase is on! Get away from the Hunter so the only ship that can attack you is the Warship. Put your side to the Warship and circle around it. That way it will not be able to attack you or it will miss. The best way to end your voyage is to have all ship materials and some loot skull chests.

I hope this helps you become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean :)

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