In The Legend of Pirates Online, moonstones are a special currency used during the Holiday Event. They are found in loot when fighting Royal Navy, EITC, Undead and Thrall enemies. They are NOT found in ship loot or animal / plant enemies.

They come in three sizes: Small, Large and Enchanted (similar to bones).

Small Moonstones - Found in Loot Pouches, anywhere between 1 - 20 per pouch.

Large Moonstones - Found in Loot Chests, between 1 - 15 per chest.

Enchanted Moonstones - Found in Loot Skull Chests, between 1 - 5 per skull.

Moonstones are exchanged at the Yuletide Manor on Tortuga during this event, in exchange for special holiday-themed items.


Game Notes

  • Moonstones were not part of the original Pirates Online. There were references to an Aztec Moonstone, used by Jolly Roger for his voodoo magic.
  • Moonstones were added in Dec. 2018.