Navy Dreadnought clearer
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Dreadnoughts are heavy War Frigate and the pride of the Royal Navy fleet. These vessels carry seven powerful deck cannons and ten broadside cannons on each side.

Appearing at Levels 38-40, they have a whopping 19,700 Hull Points.

In addition to traditional ammunition, they attack with Firebrand on Deck Cannons and Round Shot for broadsides. Though the Broadsides are only standard ammo, do not underestimate them, they are a threat to even the heaviest warships. They are found in the Hinterseas near Padres Del Fuego and around Isla Tormenta. They are the Navy counterpart of the East India Trading Company's Juggernaut.

Game Notes

  • Although Navy Dreadnoughts can be difficult to defeat, the common strategy is to use Thunderbolt ammo from distance. With the ship crippled, she's a much easier target.

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