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The Ferret is a class of Light Sloop, a small attack and patrol craft for the Royal Navy.

Appearing at Levels 1-3, they have 700-1100 Hull Points.

They tend to stick to the popular trade routes between Port Royal and Tortuga. Like other light sloops, the Ferret is equipped with one deck gun on each side but is the only ship that doesn't have broadsides. However, if they did they would have 3 broadside cannons on both sides. This ship is the weakest ship that can be found.

The Ferret is so named because the purpose of such a ship is to "Ferret" or ferry packages for the Royal Navy such as common cargo, notes and orders for Navy personal stationed in Fort Charles or any Navy post. This is evidenced by the lack of broadsides and only two deck guns. They are also some of the fastest ships used by the Royal Navy.

Game Notes

Navy Ferrets are rather easy to sink compared to other enemy ships. Although one broadside on a war ship can destroy a Navy Ferret quickly, it can be hard to aim due to the extreme height difference between the two.

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