Nill Offrill is a competent seaman but that is not why he crews on the Black Pearl. Being the superstitious sort, Captain Jack Sparrow thinks Nill brings him good luck, so he sails wherever Jack goes. They forged a friendship in a British debtor's prison where, due to Nill's luck - or so Sparrow thinks - they broke out with ease. Nill however has a bit of a problem; gambling. It's always getting him into trouble because he is neither good nor lucky at his chosen hobby. Now, Offrill has got outstanding debts all over Tortuga. He owes everyone from Doctor Grogan to Karbay Benedek. You must help repay them before he can rejoin the crew of the Black Pearl. Without him, Captain Jack refuses to sail.

Nill Offrill is a sailor in the crew of The Black Pearl. The pirate player will have to aid him as part of the The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest, so he may join you in freeing said vessel from its imprisonment by the Royal Navy.

Nill owes several people a lot of money. The quests will help him pay off his debt.

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