Needs you

Operation: Shipwreck consisted of rescuing 3 captive Marceline guildmembers, Catherine Harcourt, Ben Bowman, and James Howe, who had been captured by the Royal Navy after gathering the information that enemy forces were scouring the islands for a powerful weapon, the Sword of Triton. Marceline Guildmaster Xavier Hench asked pirates to accompany the Marceline Guild aboard their ships to raid the Navy Flagships that held their fellow guildmembers captive to pull off this rescue plan.

Various Marceline guildmembers were involved. Pirates would be crewed and went aboard the present Marceline GM's ship to attack and board specific Navy flagships, thus achieving the rescue of the captive guildmembers. This was the first appearance on record of Bonnie O Bailey, who appeared on the beaches of Tortuga, Angama May 14 at 5pm, saying to the enthusiastic pirates who were waiting, "We will teach the Navy with who not to mess with!"

Pirates would have to wait for almost an hour, since the Game Masters had to go server by server, and hope to get selected for the attack. The event happened on May 13-15, 2011. So this is not available by any player to do after the time period.

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