Options is a list of modifications you can make while playing the game. You can access these by pressing F7, ESC, or going to the Sea Chest, the clicking on the gears button Options.


The display option affects how the game will appear on screen. There are FOUR basic settings (Low, Medium, High and Custom). Higher settings increase graphical detail but may affect game performance.

  • Windowed Resolutions - Your screen dots per inch resolution while playing in windowed mode.
  • Fullscreen Resolutions - Your screen dots per inch resolution while playing in full-screen mode.
  • 3D view (you need 3D glasses for this feature)

If you select Custom, another set of options will display.

  • Hardware Gamma - if the game appears too bright or dark, check the box and adjust the slider.
  • Shadows - enable/disable shadows of objects (Enabling may slow game)
  • Reflections - enable/disable reflections on surfaces (Enabling may slow game)
  • Texture - set the texture detail to Low/Medium/High (Higher settings may slow game)
  • Aggressive Memory - Check box to help conserve PC resources (May cause lag effect)


  • Invert Mouse Look - up becomes down and down becomes up while you are holding the right mouse button.
  • Interface Scale - causes the compass, icons, meters, and chat to become smaller or larger.


  • Sound Effects - On/Off, Volume
  • Music - On/Off, Volume
  • First Mate Voice - On/Off


  • Return to Game
  • Return to Options Menu
  • Return to the Choose a Pirate screen.
  • Close the Program and Return to the PC Desktop.

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