Stick Pirates
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Hey im Palifico Piladgegull, if you wanna know how to have a good time, then read furthur, and make lots of Emotes!! :P


Well, lets get started shall we? One of the biggest things you need to have fun are " Friends " yes you need friends to have fun, no matter how much fun you think you can have alone a good laugh with someone els is better than by yourself.

Now if you are having trouble finding friends then there are some places you can go to start,

1: Here is one of the many places to make friends and have fun. Abassa Dark Hart

2: Another can be Abassa Tortuga now you may have heard some bad things about these places, that it's all spam, and annoying, but not ALL of it is bad, there are some nice people out there. You just have to L@@K.

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