Staff Pestilence
Staff pestilence

Pestilence is Voodoo Staff hex that causes harmful acid burns on an enemy for 20 seconds or more. This hex only works on a nearby enemy.

Increasing Skill Points in this ability increases the amount of damage and how long the acid burns.

To use Pestilence, select the skill by pressing 2 or clicking the PestilenceSkill icon while wielding your staff, then charge by pressing CTRL or the left mouse button. Holding down the CTRL or left mouse button will increase the damage done.

Spirit Mastery Rank Hex rank 1 Hex rank 2 Hex rank 3 Hex rank 4 Hex rank 5
0 122-224
5 140-280 175-350 210-420 245-490 280-560
Acid Burn 20 sec 25 sec 30 sec 35 sec 40 sec

Game Note:

Spending skill points on the voodoo staff passive skill conservation will decrease the amount of voodoo needed.

Conservation Rank Voodoo Used
0 45
1 43
2 41
3 40
4 38
5 36

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