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Pete Abred is a Ghost Game Master. He was a baker who ended up on Raven's Cove and was well liked for his delicious treats.

He misses being able to taste his homemade bread and yearns for the ability to eat his culinary creations. His ship was laid up in the harbor and he requested a ride from some pirates he met. They dropped Pete off and went on their way. He took up residence next to Madame Zigana, a close personal friend, and some say his remains still lie comfortably in bed after the massacre.

His spirit now goes on, performing his last action of looking for garlic to bring back to his bakery.

Game Notes

A pirate told this story about him -

"I met up with the Ghostly Game Master named Pete Abred, and it was actually my first Ghostly GM encounter. He was looking for garlic on Port Royal and needed passage to his home, Raven's Cove. We got crewed up and I got my light sloop out and gave passage for him to Raven's Cove. He greatly appreciated it."

Don't take Loretta Jenkins to Pete Abred. The spirits appeared together once and some pirates tried to introduce them. Loretta screamed horribly - THIS MAN IS NOT MY LOVE.

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 26
  • Cannon: Level 2
  • Sailing: Level 1
  • Sword: Level 5
  • Gun: Level 4


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