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Phantom Spirits
is a magical Potion that makes your pirate turn invisible. The pirate can see him or herself as a ghostly silhouette, but is completely invisible to other buccaneers and enemies, which makes it very useful during the Muertos Moon and PvP. Many pirates use this potion when travelling around Rage Ghosts and other powerful enemies as it will cause you to remain unharmed. This potion can only be made on Cuba.
  • Rank 1 - Grants invisibility for 1 minute
Level 13 Potion that requires - 6 Cursed Extract
  • Rank 2 - Grants invisibility for 2 minutes
Level 18 Potion that requires - 4 Cursed Essences.

Note - Attempting to attack an enemy cancels the invisibility effect immediately. This includes take aim.

Note - Attuning a friend will also cancel the invisibility effect.

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