Stick Pirates
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Hey! This is a guide to plunderin.Please do not remove anything but you can add to it. First of all Basic Access can only use light ships so if you use a light sloop or a light galleon you should sink Light sloops, and light galleons, Light Frigates are a bit difficult as they fire 4 deck guns and 4 broadsides they can fire from the front decks
which can be difficult if you are trying to get past them because they will fire from the front, so be careful around frigate type ships. However if you are unlimited access and you own a light frigate there are a couple more ships you can defeat: Light frigates, Sloops, and frigates
are a bit of a challenge. If you own a sloop they are weak but have more broadsides then a light frigate the ships you will be able to defeat are Sloops, Galleons, and Frigates.If you own a galleon you can start fighting war ships, such as the war sloop, but be cautious because
some war sloops fire very dangerous explosive rounds from broadsides they do lots of damage and you should stay away from these dangerous ships till you own a frigate. Frigates are very strong and can defeat war sloops and war galleons. War sloops we are now in the warships
they can sink war galleons and war frigates.Now, if you own a war galleon you can defeat every ship in the caribbean with there massive hull and 24 broadside cannons but that is still not the strongest! War frigate pack the ultimate firepower with all their deck guns they can
defeat every ship in the caribbean the hull is extremely strong and can hold up against a broadside of explosive ammo! Now to the ship skills, If you have unlimited work on getting max points in the Treasure Sense skill that can increase the quality of your loot and give you a high
chance in getting a Royal chest, Click this link to look at types of cargo and what may be in them, Cargo crates? They are worth little money but if you are lucky they can drop spices which are worth 90 gold! Tired of those weak broadsides? Upgrade your broadsides to max thats
the first thing a sailor would do then focus on the other skills. If you use frigate type ships a lot you might want to upgrade your ramming speed skill to the max Ramming speed is unlocked at sailing level 12. If you use sloops often you may want to upgrade the windcatcher skill
to the max it can increase your speed so your sloop is very fast. Now ye all go have fun! !pirate-dude! 20:32, November 15, 2011 (UTC)
400px-Loot skull chest

Happy Plunderin.

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