The Pirate Blade is a Crude Cutlass, but very well crafted. It can only be acquired after completing a special quest. A pirate is only offered this quest once their sword skill reaches Level 20. This weapon can be sold for 500 gold. This is the strongest sword for Basic Access Members and was formerly the strongest blade, and weapon, any pirate could use (before the huge loot update)! It's the most powerful crude sword in the game, and has the second highest sell price for a crude item!

Attack Power: 22

Broadsword C

Game Notes:

  • Once this sword is sold, you are not able to obtain the sword back.
  • This is an excellent sword if you ever were to revert back to basic access from unlimited.
  • Many pirates mistake this cutlass for a broadsword because some other swords like this are broadswords.
  • It has Powerful rank 4, so it basically does the same damage it did before El Patron's Lost Weapons.

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