This is an Official Player's Guide from the Pirates Online Website.
All credit goes to Pirates Online. This is merely a resource guide.


Click on any Pirate to view their Detail Panel. It shows their name and a list of possible interactions:

  • Friendship –– make or break a Friendship with that Pirate
  • Crew –– invite that Pirate to join your crew or split up your crew
  • Guild –– invite that Pirate to join your Guild or remove that Pirate from your Guild
  • Whisper –– send a private message to that Pirate
  • Go To –– teleport to that Pirate
  • Crew Battle –– invite that Pirate to a PVP Crew Battle
  • Ignore –– ignore that Pirate for the remainder of your session
  • Report –– report bad language, rude behavior, or an inappropriate name to a moderator
Pirate Detail Panel 1
Pirate Detail Panel

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