In Pirate Creation you can choose a name or type one yourself. If you type one in, your name will be temporarily listed as Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Seadog or Freebooter, depending on your pirate's gender. If the moderator approves your typed name, it will become your permanent name. If the name is not approved, you can choose a name from the list, or type another one in.

Naming Guidelines

If you decide to type a name you will need to follow these guidelines to be sure your name will be approved:

  • No copyrighted names
  • No personally identifiable information. For example, you can't use your own name.
  • No inappropriate mixed case. For example: Neither JoePirate nor joEpiRAte. Joe McPirate is ok.
  • No exact characters from the Pirates movies and no mixing of exact character names. For example: Elizabeth Turner, William Sparrow
  • No Disney characters or other cartoon characters
  • No foul language
  • No sentences
  • Names must be at least three letters
  • No names that imply that you're a Disney employee
  • No non-English words
  • No religious names
  • No references to anything illegal
  • Apostrophes, Periods and Dashes are the only punctuation/symbols allowed, but must be separated by a letter. For example, Joe's Pirate, Pirate-Anne, Ahoy.Mates

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