One feature to Pirates of the Caribbean Online is the Pirate Profile. It allows you to view detailed information about a fellow pirate and interact with them.

To access this feature, just click on the pirate on your screen, or click on their name in your Hearties Menu, or even their name in the Chat Box.

Pirate Details

First, the profile shows the pirate's name and guild (if any) at the top. Below on the left, is the pirate's current Notoriety level and their Health and Voodoo levels. The image of the pirate shows how they are currently dressed as well. If the pirate has an Unlimited account, the name will show in Blue, if it is a Basic account then it will show as Gray. Founders will have a Gold Name and can choose to have a Gold Coin next to the name.

At the very bottom is their status. The name of the island and ocean will appear, along with an activity or location icon in the lower left. If they are on an island, the island symbol will appear, if at sea - then a ship. If they are in combat, their weapon will appear. Cards will show if they are playing a parlor game, etc.

Pirate Stats

To the very far right, appears a page tab. If you click on this tab, it will slide open to reveal the pirate's skill levels.

Hint - Very useful to scout a potential PvP opponent.

Player Profile


To the right of the profile picture are six function icons.

CrewIcon Crew - Click to invite the pirate to your crew or drop them.
PirateFriendIcon Pirate Friend - Click to ask the pirate to become your friend or delete them as a friend.
GuildInviteIcon Guild - Click to invite the pirate to your guild. Note - Only Guild Officers and Veterans can actually invite. Guild Masters can also promote or demote members.
WhisperIcon Whisper - Click to send a private message via Whisper.
CrewBattleIcon Crew Battle - Click to challenge the pirate to a crew PvP battle.
PlayerFriendIcon Player Friend - Click to ask the player to be your friend, regardless of which pirate or Disney online game they're playing. Clicking on this again will allow you to discontinue the friendship.
GoToIcon A Go To button appears below the profile picture, click this to teleport directly to the pirate - if allowed.
IgnoreIcon Ignore - Prevents their chat from showing.
ModerationIcon Moderate - This option allows the player to Report an inappropriate pirate as well have the option to boot them from your ship using this option, but only if you are captain of a privateering ship.
BootIcon Boot - Boot players from your ship using this option,
but only if you are captain of a privateering ship.
ReportIcon Report - This option allows the player to Report an inappropriate pirate.

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