Talk Like A Pirate

A pirate didn't sail for the quality of the food. Taking a sea voyage meant eating whatever was available, often food that could survive a long trip, and usually not large prepared meals. On long voyages, ships would need to make stops along the way to reprovision from local ports. Luckily, fish was always available. This is part of the large Pirate Speak article.

Term Definition
Bunny Grub Vegetables
Burgoo A vile mash of boiled oatmeal with salt, sugar and butter
Cackle-Fruit Hens eggs.
Dogsbody Sea biscuit soaked in water and sugar
Galley The ship's kitchen
Grub Food
Hardtack A flour and water biscuit, stored dry for long trips.
Loblolly Porridge or gruel.
Poor John Salted and dried fish.
Salmagundi A basic meat and vegetable salad, served with oil/vinegar dressing
Spirits Strong drink
Tooth Rot Sugar

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