Stick Pirates
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This is a rare blade that was picked up from an EITC in Fort Charles.

Let's face it, a pirate needs to plunder. But how can you plunder without weapons? Sure, PotCo starts you with a blade and flintlock but a notorious pirate needs weapons that pack a punch. Here is how to get a mighty blade and a monster pistol.

How To Get A Strong Sword

There are so many powerful swords out there. Here are some ways to get them:

  1. Fight Grunts @ Port Royal or Padres Del Fuego
  2. Plunder War-Class ships.
  3. Save up and buy at a blacksmith
  4. Battle foes at Isla Tormenta
  5. Fight the QAR (this links to another guide of mine)
  6. Board Flagships
  7. Battle ghosts in The Cave Of Lost Souls

Do any of these and you are garenteed to get a rare sword

How to Get A Strong Gun

There are also quite a few strong guns. some ways to get them are:

  1. Fight Navy at Kingshead
  2. Plunder War-Class ships
  3. Fight at any wild islands
  4. Fight any Navy/ EITC Boss
  5. Buy at an armory

Do any of these and you are garenteed to get a strong gun.

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