Stick Pirates
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Pirates Online has found it's way into total mayhem. Jolly and the "QAR" have been terrorizing the Caribbean for too long and pirates need to know how to defend themselves and how and when to attack.


Invasions have been a major pain for lower level pirates. A good way to defend yourself from getting killed is to:

  • load up on potions.
  • Keep a good inventory of strong weapons handy.
  • Use voodoo on higher level enemies or attack when they are already weakened to about mid point.
  • Let high levels start the stumps and then you go in and clean up at about 3/4 of the way.
  • ALWAYS attack Jolly Roger with a team and a long ranged gun or take a BIG risk and attack head on (witch I don't advise doing)

The Queen Anne's Revenge

The QAR is one of the strongest ships yet and a pirate looking to plunder her needs the following:

Get these items and pirates and you'll just need to know where she'll attack next and then OPEN FIRE!!!!!!

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