Stick Pirates
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Ahoy! Ye be here to learn about jumping, aye? Well, first of all, there be some things ye need to know.


Of course, the weapons you'll be using are Cutlasses and Daggers. If you want to use another weapon and jump, I'm not really sure what to say. You don't really jump with Staffs, matey.

A main choice for Cutlasses are Cursed Blades like Nautilus Blade and Doom Rattler. Nautilus Blade is easy to obtain, as it is given as a reward for the Ravens Cove quest. Doom Rattler holds Pain Immunity, which is extremely good for jumping. No "slow" means the better you can jump.

For daggers, it's preferred to use throwing knives. Good throwing knives are Assassin's Throwing Knives and Silver Freeze, I'd say.

Skill Points

This is up to you. But a good skill setup includes a good rank on a dagger skill that does something like poisons the enemy, and of course a great rank on Viper's Nest. One more thing. Maximize the passive skills on your dagger. It helps greatly. For swords, be sure to maximize Blade Storm's ability and give Flourish and Thrust a good rank.


When you face an enemy at the beginning, use a Viper's Nest and maybe an adder. After that, take out yer Cutlass and jump around the enemy. It's hard to explain HOW you jump, as you develop your own style. Also, you should combo them and blade storm them as the finishing kill.


When you're almost dead and the enemy is coming from a respawn point, be sure to put poison or something on them to prevent them from regenerating their health. When that's done, do as much damage as possible. Blade storm them. Perhaps you Viper's Nest them, too. It's important. It could win the PvP or at least give ye a better score, as when you face them again their lesser health will be a disadvantage to them.


It's a good idea to train by attacking Jack the Monkey in Barbossa's Grotta and simply pvping. If anyone has any other ideas, edit them in.


You won't be good when you start jumping. Trust me, you won't. You just need to practice. I've been jumping for say, 2 years, and I'm still not a jumping, killing machine. You need to be patient. I hope this guide helps you much, and I'll see ye on the seven seas!

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