Stick Pirates
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There are many ways of taking on Smasho, so I made a guide to help you take him on. (This is one of the fastest ways to get famed or legendary knives)

Screenshot 2011-11-20 14-04-18

Go to the Abassa Server (lag is a big problem on this server, so you may get lagged out) if you want to fight him over and over fast.

Weapons to use:

Use any weapons with Voodoo Reflect (they really come in handy) or a Voodoo Doll. Any weapons that cause a lot of damage will get you killed in no time. Don't do any serious damage till the end so you can get loot and no KO.

Try waiting until Smasho's health is low before you attack, even if his health is low his health is 237,500!

Death of foulberto smasho

Even when his health is red he can have about 10 times as much health as a master lvl 50!

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