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Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas was a gaming app available on Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) and Android devices. The game was cancelled by Disney and is no longer available.


Set sail with Pirates of the Caribbean and take your social gaming to a completely new level! Master of the Seas is the first mobile game to combine deep story and brilliant graphics with compelling social gameplay. Become a pirate as you create your ship, build your crew, and embark on quests wrapped around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.

  • Invite friends to join your crew, the bigger your crew the stronger you are!
  • Battle other pirates to gain rewards and increase your standing.
  • Buy cannons, weapons, amulets, and equipment to upgrade your ship.
  • Explore exotic islands, buy properties, and complete quests to earn gold and experience.

Only the savviest pirates know when to plunder rivals, engage friends, and chart a course to become a legend - The Master of the Seas!


Playing is fairly simple, when you dock at an island, simply click on a quest (marked by a flag). To complete the quest simply click ‘Do Quest.’ Repeat the quest till you master. Master all the quests to master the island. Master all the islands to become Master of the seas.

Each island has varying amounts of quests, and each requires certain items, and stamina. Complete quests to gain Gold and Experience to level up. Leveling up unlocks new items and new islands an quests.


There are many items which you can purchase with your gold, but most require a certain level to unlock.


Powder Monkey Level 3
Cabin Boy Level 6
Coxswain Level 9
Swabbie Level 12
Cook Level 15
Deckhand Level 18
Rigger Level 21
Ship's Carpenter Level 24
Sailor Level 27
Seadog Level 30
Purser Level 33
Gunner Level 36
Helmsman Level 39
Sailing Master Level 42
Bo'sun Level 45
Quartermaster Level 48
First Mate Level 51
Captain Level 54
Commodore Level 57
Master of the Seas Level 60
Master of the Night Seas Level 90


In Masters of the Seas, there are many characters that appear or are referenced in the game.


In Master of the Seas there are 22 islands which you will attempt to become a master of.

  • Tortuga
  • Shipwreck Cove
  • Whitecap Bay
  • St. George's Island
  • Cannibal Island
  • Isla de Virtudes
  • Basse Terre
  • Blood Island
  • Silver Sand Beach
  • Sunken Island
  • Laguna del Diablo
  • Skullhead Island
  • Port Royal
  • Shark Lagoon
  • St. Elmo's Isle
  • Nuevo Montemayor
  • La Grande İle
  • İle de Calmar

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  • Google Play App Page

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