This is an Official Player's Guide from the Pirates Online Website.
All credit goes to Pirates Online. This is merely a resource guide.


Use this basic Range Weapon on opponents who won't come close enough for you to hit them with your Cutlass. Practice with Jack the Monkey to sharpen your marksmanship.

Pistol 1

Game Tip: Most enemies will follow you, so move backwards as you shoot, keeping your target within the red target area. This is especially handy when you have only a one– or two–shot pistol.

Pistol 3
Remember the Pirate Code The Pirate Code strictly states that guns may only be used against the undead (Jolly Roger's Skeletons as well as those unholy creatures he has cursed), and must never be used against people –– be they other Pirates, townsfolk, the Royal Navy, or the East India Trading Company Black Guard.

Not surprisingly, there is an exception to this rule. Pirates become undead during Pirate versus Pirate (PVP) skirmishes. At these times, feel free to blast away all you like.
Pistol 4
Remember the Pirate Code

Pistol Ammunition Pouches

Type Description Cost Where
Small Pouch Can carry more pistol ammo. 300 Purchase from Gunsmith
Medium Pouch Can carry more pistol ammo. 1200 Purchase from Gunsmith
Large Pouch Can carry more pistol ammo. 3600 Purchase from Gunsmith

Pistol Skills

Type Skills Description
Shoot Combo Basic shooting skill
Take Aim Combo Hold down the attack button for an Aimed Shot Increases accuracy and damage ofthe shot
Eagle Eye Passive Increases the maximum range for Firearms and ranged Dagger attacks
Dodge Passive Chance to Dodge incoming Ranged Attacks
Sharp Shooter Passive Increases accuracy for Firearms and ranged Dagger attacks

Game Tip: You can shoot Crabs with your pistol when they are in the water. Walk into the surf, and if you see a Crab underwater, start shooting. You'll lure them out onto land where you can attack them best.

Pistol Ammunition

Type Description
Lead Shot Standard ammunition
Bane Shot A cursed bullet
Silver Shot Made from solid silver
Hex Eater Shot Damages Voodoo as well as Health
Steel Shot The strongest metal shot
Venom Shot Coated with deadly venom


This long barreled weapon is the precursor to the rifle. Used wisely, you'll have Undead running scared due to its increased range and accuracy. Luckily for Pirates, this weapon has been designed to use the same ammunition as the Pistol.


This muzzle-loading firearm is now yours provided you can loot it from the right enemy. Standard ammunition will also work with this weapon. So next time you're taking over one of Jolly Roger's flagships, introduce the rival ship's crew to the Blunderbuss. Helping Pirates overtake enemy ships since the 17th Century.

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