The Potion Commotion Challenge

Potion Commotion Challenge was a contest held in preparation for Valentine's Day. It was held over three days, February 2nd - 4th, and players were challenged to brew as many Potions as they could. Each day the Top 10 potion brewers was rewarded 10,000 gold coins, as well as a complimentary flask of Fabiola’s Super Flatulent Fizz, brewed by the famous Fabiola herself!

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Announcement Post - February 1st

Valentine’s Day approaches and while more than a few Pirates have wished for a love potion in February, we have a savvier means to prove yer mastery of magical mixtures:

The Potion Commotion Challenge

This Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (February 2 – 4), we’ll tally the top 10 Pirates who successfully brew the most potions on each day of the three-day event!

MARK YE WELL: ONLY potions that require Potion Level 7 or higher count toward this competition. *Each potion’s Level requirement is listed when you pass your cursor over a potion’s name.

The 30 winners will each receive a treasure reward of 10,000 gold coins, as well as a complimentary flask of Fabiola’s Flatulent Fizz, brewed by famous Fabiola herself!


NOTE: Prizes will be awarded through e-mail. Make sure your e-mail address is correct for the Pirate’s account you’re competing with by clicking here!

A Pirate may win only once during the three day challenge. For example, if you’re one of the Top 10 potion makers on Saturday, yer not eligible to win again on Sunday or Monday.

Using glitches or cheating of any kind will disqualify you from the entire Competition.

What: Potion Commotion Challenge
When: Saturday, February 2 through Monday, February 4
Where: Any Potion-Brewing Table

Results Post - February 7th

Congratulations to the winners of our Potion Commotion event!

Potion-brewin' buccaneers stirred up a commotion at gypsy carts throughout the Caribbean last weekend, by mixing massive amounts of magic mixtures.
Through all the boilin' bubbles, these 32 crafty Pirates emerged as the winners with the most potions brewed per day.
Well done, Pirates (and look out, Tia Dalma)!

        Saturday Potion Masters   Potions Brewed
  1.    Samuel Calicoswain   542

  2.    Avi   362

  3.    Eezee   264

  4.    Maggie Redskull   245

  5.    Pierce D'Heart   238

  6.    Pirate   237

  7.    Jessie Hookgrin   231

  8.    Ol Dee   226

  9.    Sunset Sandseeker   189

  10.    Maggiesty Darlin'   121


      Sunday Potion Masters   Potions Brewed

  1.    Jade Savagefox   459

  2.    Izadora Belle   175

  3.    James Gleaming   148

  4.    Perseus   139

  5.    Cannon Seadog   115
  6.    Cwalker   108
  6.    Bladescarlett   108

  7.    Dame Morgan   103

  8.    Loki

  9.    Black Rose   92




    Monday Potion Masters   Potions Brewed

  1.    Esmerelda Bilgepigge   246
  2.    Emmers   110

  3.    Sparkle Somebody   107

  4.    Dave Deadeye   90

  5.    Darkspinner   77

  6.    Ned Pugfish   61

  7.    Jazz   55

  8.    Twiggy   46

  9.    Rose Phantomfox   41
TIE!  10.    Constance Dreadmonger   40
TIE!  10.    David   40


Winners, check your e-mail this weekend for your well-deserved prizes, with instructions on how to redeem your gold and Super Flatulent Fizz in-game. Please see your e-mail this weekend for details, savvy?
Hearty thanks to ALL Pirates who partook in this playful potion brewing event!

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