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Priscilla Campbell is a ghost and formerly a maid for Señor Fantifico. She was killed during Jolly Roger's attack on Raven's Cove. Since then, people have said they've seen her, stalking a close relative on the docks of Port Royal.

That fateful day, her master had given her the day off from her duties and she went to the docks to see her brother, Old Greg. She helped him create his fishing business. She used to enjoy fishing with him, they even caught a few legendaries!

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Game Notes

Pirates are asked to help her since she is trapped in a world between the living and the dead. Priscilla needs guidance from others to ensure she doesn't cause the living any pain and if found to get back to Raven's Cove.

Though she could be found haunting near the docks, Priscilla does not want her brother to see her this way, as a ghost. Those who have encountered her spirit before were asked to escort her home. Arriving at the manor, Priscilla become embarrassed about the destroyed state that she asked them to help her clean before asking them to deliver a message to her brother letting him know of her love for her sibling.

Priscilla was a ghost that was to be freed in the 2012 ghost hunt.

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 21
  • Cannon: Level 1
  • Sailing: Level 4
  • Sword: Level 10
  • Gun: Level 5
  • Voodoo Doll: Level 1

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