Private Stuart Worthington
GM icon
Private Stuart Worthington is a member of the Black Guard, part of the East India Trading Company and mercenary for hire to Lord Cutler Beckett. He is also a GM-played character that has appeared at several role-playing events such as The Black Guard Cometh. Recently he appeared along with fellow Private Millard Wingate for the Talk Like A Pirate Day event, where they asked the Marceline guild on how to talk like a pirate. It was hinted that they were actually sent by Captain Ellison Shaw to get info on pirates, but it seemed they had other activities in mind...


  • Private Worthington has an old body type. Players can no longer make a pirate with this body type.

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 16
  • Cannon: Level 1
  • Sailing: Level 1
  • Sword: Level 3
  • Gun: Level 22

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