The Privateer Doll is a Rare Bane Doll. It grants the user the Red Fury Weapon Skill to increase allies' attacks, and has the Critical Strike ability. It also has a Scorch boost (+2).

  • Attack Power: 34
  • Abilities: Red Fury 2, Critical Strike 2, and Scorch boost 2
  • Level Required: Doll 20
  • Resale Value: 101 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in Loot

Type of doll: Bane Doll, Mojo Doll, Spirit Doll

Bane C

Weapon Group: Pirate Group

SwashbucklerDoll Buccaneer Doll MutineerDoll Privateer-doll
Warmonger Doll
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Game Note: This weapon group gives a strong rememblance to Captain Hector Barbossa.

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