Perdida queen's nest

The Queen's Nest is a massive hive on Isla Perdida, and is filled with the drone of hundreds of gigantic Dire Wasps, Terror Wasps, and even more deadly Soldier Wasps. The jungle is enough to drive one mad, as in the case of Scary Mary Lash, who makes her home here.

Because most of the critters range from Level 6-30, and since Wasps are relatively slow, this is a good opportunity to level pistol as well as blades. Wasps usually group up, so leveling voodoo staff or grenades here is possible.

Near the waterfall, the dreaded Hive Queen looks out to her minions.





Dig Spots

Isla Perdida dig spot 1 big Isla Perdida dig spot 2 big

Near the center of Queen's Nest, in a tree grove by nests, and surrounded by many Wasps.

By the waterfall, west of the rock bridge.


Queens nest map

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