Ramming Speed
Sail ramming speed
Ramming Speed
is a sailing skill which hurls a pirate's ship forward at great speed; any vessel in its path suffers wood-splintering hull damage! This skill is unlocked at Sailing Level 12. When the captain calls it out, the vessel lurches ahead at maximum speed. In SvS, this will knock down a target ship's captain and prevent him or her from attacking for a short while. Sometimes, on rare occasions, when an Enemy Ship Rams directly into a gunner, or near them, that gunner will be knocked out and will not be able to leave their cannon, nor shoot from it. A member of the ship's crew must heal them, or they will be sent to jail.

Note - The amount of damage done depends on the size and class of ship - not on the skill rank. See Damage Table Below.

To use this skill, press '6' or click on the Ramming Speed icon Rammingspeed from the bottom of your screen while you are sailing.

Increasing this skill increases the amount of time the ship moves at Ramming Speed. See Table Below for durations:

Rank Duration
1 5 Sec.
2 6 Sec.
3 7 Sec.
4 8 Sec.
5 10 Sec.
*Only with Sailing Item Boost
6* ?
7* ?
8* ?

WARNING - When in use NO OTHER SAILING SKILL will work and the ship CANNOT steer!

Ship Damage
Light Sloop 150
Light Galleon 200
Light Frigate 450
Light Brig 400
Sloop 300
Galleon 500
Frigate 900
Brig 750
War Sloop 600
War Galleon 1,000
War Frigate 1,800
War Brig 1,400
Black Pearl 2,000
Ship of the Line 3,600

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