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This small village on Tortuga is a victim of Jolly Roger and his army. It has been sacked and overrun with Undead skeletons. Lots of medium-level skeletons are here and this is not a good place to hang out if you're just starting, but moderate level pirates can do fairly well.


Not very long ago there was a little village called Minertown, in the forests of Tortuga. Captain Ezekiel Rott was once an elder that lived in there. One day, Jolly Roger came to Rott saying that he would give Rott the power to live for eternity - if he handed over the poor souls of Minertown, so Jolly would be one giant step closer to controlling Tortuga. Without thought, Rott agreed to do that ghastly deed.

Pirates had caught word of a pending attack, and looked to Rott to help form a defense. He deceived the defenders and the town was left vulnerable. Jolly Roger's force sacked the village, turning the citizens into more undead for his army. But, Rott had not counted on one thing.

Sandra Tew of the Marceline Guild cast a powerful voodoo warding spell which trapped the undead inside the town itself. Unable to add their number to his forces or use the Minertown residents to attack other areas of Tortuga, Jolly Roger now keeps Rott as his servant for his failure. Rott blames all of the Marceline and its leader - Captain Walter.

Now, Minertown is populated only by skeletons (the innocent former citizens) and what's left of what was once a pleasant community. Parts of the ghost town are still burning in its tropical surrounding, as General Sandspine overlooks the activities of his charges.



The jungle around the town is the home to a few creatures since it became uninhabited, but mostly there are the undead. Watched over by one of Jolly Roger's commanders - General Sandspine, the former citizens mill about the buildings as though going about their former lives - but will turn on any living soul who ventures here.




*Randomly spotted


As part of the Raven's Cove Story Quest, the pirate will need to come here and enter the Undead Poker Shack. The building is guarded by T-Bones the Bouncer. The pirate will need to be dressed as Ben Clubheart or Sadie Clubheart to get in.

Dig Spots

Rats nest digmap

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