Revive Pirates of the Caribbean Online was an effort by numerous dedicated players to contact various Disney employees and presented them with the player concerns regarding issues in the game Pirates of the Caribbean Online. The petition, entitled "Revive POTCO" officially started on July 29, 2012 and collected more than 3,300 signatures by its end on September 19, 2013.

After years of poor performance and a considerable lack of updates, a group of players started a friendly and peaceful petition asking Disney Interactive Media Group for improvements on all aspects such as game performance, content, cheat blocking, etc...

In-Game Events

Over the year the petition was active, it hosted two major in-game events to build support for the cause. Those events were the Revive POTCO Blockade and Land Ho! An Island for An Email.

Revive potco blockade poster3
Revive POTCO - ALL DAY EVENT - Land Ho! An Island for An Email

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