Rosetta Zimm was a Port Royal townsperson that appeared across from Edward Stormhawk on Port Royal. She was constantly telling players "Psst! The secret hat code is: Scoundrel!", which unlocked the Scoundrel Hat, before the code expired.



  • Her last name is probably a tribute to Hans Zimmer, the composer of most of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series' music.
  • Rosetta may also be a nod to the Rosetta stone which helped scientists translate Egyptian. The term has come to mean a secret revealer, which is what Rosetta functioned as.
  • Before the redeem code became active, Rosetta accidentally appeared early, perplexing pirates, due to the fact that her code did not work. After pirates reported this to the developers, she was removed from normal and test servers, and only appeared on Welcome Servers. After a few weeks the code became active and she was rereleased onto all servers.
  • For quite some time after she had been removed from Live and Test, she could still be found on the Welcome1 server.

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