Ruby Wynn
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Ruby Wynn is a pirate under the Marceline Guild.


"Ruby Wynn is the daughter of a second rate shoemaker who tried his hand as a sugar cane farmer. Barely able to scrape out a living, he offered Ruby’s hand in marriage to a rich shipping magnate old enough to be her grandfather! Ruby agreed to the marriage but ran away before their wedding day. She sought the assistance of an intricate web of fearless female Pirates – they helped Ruby escape and hide. That’s when she became close friends with Rose Winsome and Sandra Tew, who aided her escape. While she was sequestered on an undisclosed island, Ruby had no company except a chatty old sea urchin named, Angus McTavish. McTavish taught her to shoot like a marksmen, fence like an expert and handle the helm of a sloop.

But it wasn’t until she came out of hiding that Ruby earned a reputation as a clever Pirate. One night, Ruby dressed as a proper lady and convinced two burly Navy guards to take her on a “tour” of a 40-gun ship of the line. Wanting to impress the pretty lady, the half-wit guards took her aboard. Ruby knocked them cold with a blackjack hidden inside her sleeve and sailed into Caribbean lore. Thirty able-bodied Pirates were waiting in the water and climbed up the side of the ship. With Ruby at the helm, they sailed to a nearby island where they claimed the mighty ship. Ruby was immediately inducted into the Marceline guild". - From Pirates Online


She along with her fellow Marceline GM's held many pirate events on the beaches of Devil's Anvil, or in the Rowdy Rooster.

Before Raven's Cove was a place the common pirate could travel to, she came along with Sandra Tew and spoke about Raven's Cove. She stated that it didn't exist, even after Sandra's claim that she went there as part of Jack Sparrow's crew.


She fought using all three of her warships at the Battle of Padres :


  • Overall Level: 43
  • Cannon: 25
  • Sailing: 26
  • Cutlass: 30
  • Pistol: 28
  • Doll: 30
  • Dagger: 27
  • Grenade: 25
  • Staff: 27

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