Sacred Cutlass
Sacred Cutlass
Boost(s) Flourish +1
Immunities Life Drain Rank 1
Unique ability Cleanse Rank 3
Attack power 58
Group Sacred Cutlass Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Famed
Required level 19
Value 457 Gold
Weapon Model

The Sacred Cutlass is a Famed Cutlass. It is the third Weapon of the the Sacred Cutlass Group. This Famed Cutlass gives the Cleanse Weapon Skill which can cure its wielder of all ill effects. The Life Drain Immunity this weapon possesses allows for its owner to be immune to all Life Drain attacks. The +1 boost to the Flourish skill helps make this weapon even more deadly.

Sacred Cutlasses

Silver Cutlass Holy Cutlass Sacred Cutlass Divine Cutlass

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