Ben and Sadie Clubheart

Sadie Clubheart is a Raven's Cove ghost who can be found in the ghost town's tavern. She is a relative of Ben Clubheart , though it is not said what their relationship is.

As part of the Raven's Cove Story Quest, female pirates will have to disguise themselves as Sadie to get inside the Skeleton Poker club. The resale and purchase prices are the same for each individual article of clothing required, so you can sell the items right back and take back your investment.

Sadie's Clothes have to be purchased in order to get into the Undead Poker Club:

Candybox skirt Woodland top
Seamstress Anne's Shop
Candybox Skirt
1500 gold
Port Royal
Truehound's Tailor Shop
Woodland Top
500 gold
Forst knee boot
Padres Del Fuego
Dolores Tailoring Shoppe
Forest Knee Boots
600 gold

The Purple Calvary Hat is the bonus reward for the Clubheart quest. It is obtained only by winning 5,000 gold in Undead Poker.

Game Note

If you stand up while doing the quest and you haven't gotten to 650, your gold will be reset and you will have to start over. If you are working on going for 5,000, you lose 500 gold every time you stand up. If you are caught cheating, you are sent to jail and lose 500 gold from the quest counter.

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