Stick Pirates
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Alright so what ye do in PvP (one of the funniest things in the game in my opinion). First Set your belt. You will need good weapons.....

A Broadsword

A Cutlass

A Sacred Gun (something with a good Silver Shot boost)

The last space is open to you.

For your ammo, I would recommend Silver Shot.

The Cutlass is to jump. (I always hold down the Q & D keys)

Broadsword to fend off jumpers

If you can try to face a HIGHER LEVEL than you or if your mastered try the same level.

The Reason being is, you get more Infamy and the higher your Infamy level the, more notorious you get. Which means people MIGHT start respecting you more. The more respect you get the better.

Try to have tactics like if you wanna suprise attack hide somewhere where you don't think they will see you and set your gun and ammo and aim. Then when they come right in front of you SHOOT THEM! If you miss keep jumping and pressing the letters QWE.

To become for respected you might not want to use gun unless you are getting your kills stolen. (Basically doing the most damage and somebody else kills them.)


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